Secret to Sparkling Mirrors

IMG_6682The secret to sparkling mirrors and windows is what to use and how you use it. This is according to my friend who trialled some of her home remedy tips on my mirrors and windows.


  • 500mL spray bottle
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 3 parts water
  • newspaper
  • chux cloth (if needed)

Step 1

If really dirty, wipe mirror with chux cloth first.

Step 2

Spray vinegar solution onto mirror.

Step 3

FullSizeRenderUse scrunched up newspaper to clean mirror. Rotate scrunched newspaper using dry parts of paper. You know it is clean, when the newspaper starts to squeak.

Extra Cleaning Tips

She has found the squeegee to be a useful tool when swiping mirrors and windows.

She has also trialled washing the mirrors with Jiff residue on a cloth. Then she has used a squeegee to swipe it off. So far she prefers the vinegar and water remedy. She is loving the squeegee and tending towards it rather than newspapers. See what works best for you.

Wall Cleaning Tips 

Some of her other home cleaning remedies, from three generations ago, without chemicals, are still being used today.

When cleaning walls, she adds bicarbonate of soda to white vinegar, which was something her mum and nanna did.

She adds a 1/4 pkt of bicarbonate into 2L of white vinegar into a  bucket. After it finishes foaming up like a volcano, she uses a wide flat mop, wrings out the cloth to remove excess fluid, then straight onto the walls. Using vinegar, means it’s chemical free, so leave it on the walls.

‘Vinegar will kill the mould, bleach will bleach the mould. We always had 101 uses of vinegar; from cleaning to medicinal purposes.’

Happy cleaning! I was certainly happy my friend was keen to practise it on my mirrors and windows.


2 thoughts on “Secret to Sparkling Mirrors

  1. Gosh this took me back 48 years when I was working in a jewellers shop in Manly NSW in my school holidays I had to clean the store windows. It was newspaper and metho! Stinky but effective. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 13/52. next week: Daylight Saving is Over.

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