Cute Cottage Café — at QCWA Yungaburra

p1060351QCWA Yungaburra set up their quaint cottage as a Cafe for their famous morning teas during the the famous or infamous Yungaburra Markets.  Each 4th Saturday of the month from 8am to 12noon, Yungaburra market goers know where they can sit back, relax, eat and socialise.

The two most popular of the homemade goodies QCWA Yunaburra are the freshly baked scones and pikelets topped with strawberry jam and fresh cream. Also the fresh sandwiches are hard to resist, especially the cornbeef with homemade pickles, which are my favourite. Although I can’t go past the egg and lettuce. I do enjoy a good nutritious salad sandwich also. All hard to beat. I’ve tried them all, but no matter what — I like to bring friends to enjoy QCWA’s hospitality, a bottomless hot cuppa, their freshly made irresistibly delicious sandwiches, and homemade scones and pikelets.

The scones and pikelet recipes are from the QCWA ladies which are baked fresh  especially for the Yungaburra Market day on each 4th Saturday. The courtyard is extremely popular and rightly so. It’s like sitting in a tropical paradise, with shade, a bowl of water for your friendly pet and toilet facilities.p1060344


The Queenslander cottage also has a relaxed indoor morning tea area with their sturdy silky oak chairs and tables. The pale blue walls create a very relaxing atmosphere with their dainty lace curtained windows — all with a view of the greenery outside.


The QCWA Yungaburra team is well-oiled and well-organised. Each person has a job and they do it well. The cool relaxed courtyard is shaded by a giant 60 year old tree, and it’s a place where pets are welcomed. There’s even a dog drink bowl. Our cute Cottage Cafe has toilet facilities which are a welcome respite after walking around the markets.


Each month, Out come the elasticized chequered table and seat covers, the various condiments to decorate the tables so customers can pour their own milk and sugar. Each glass container is covered with hand-crocheted doilies. The day before, the QCWA men kindly blow vac the outdoor area ready for the market day. You will even see some of our boys washing up. They are so accommodating when it comes to helping the QCWA Yungaburra ladies.



However, all this socialising wouldn’t happen without their team of dedicated volunteers. They turn up each month to coincide with the popular 4th Saturday monthly Yungaburra Markets. The sandwich makers, the scone and pikelet jammers and creamers, the cup of tea pourers, the dish washer uppers and the billboard advertisers — who walk around the markets ringing their bell — all do their job to make a successful social day for the community.

All funds raised go to help the QCWA and the QCWA Public Rural Crisis Fund and general upkeep and maintenance of their QCWA Yungaburra 80 year old Queenslander.  The QCWA has a Facebook page also.

If you’re interested in supporting your community call QCWA Yungaburra on the number on the sign at the front of their building or look up the QCWA site for a branch in your area. p1060486QCWA Yungaburra is located at: Cnr Gillies Highway and Kehoe Place, Yungaburra,  Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland, 4884.

2 thoughts on “Cute Cottage Café — at QCWA Yungaburra

  1. What a wonderful place for the community. The CWA really knows how to cater and care as well as help rural women and families. Those sandwiches were mouth-watering from here! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up for #lifethisweek 12/52. Next week; 3 month review.

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