Creation of the Curtain Fig

When three trees became one, it’s nature’s way of reclaiming itself. The Curtain Fig Tree is as it sounds — a curtain of root tendrils draped across other trees. Over time, it pushes and squishes the trees together, wrapping it in its tree roots, making it one big curtain fig.


The Curtain Fig National Park  is one of the Atherton Tableland’s natural tourist attractions. You will find this sign welcoming you to the Ngadjon-Jii people’s special place. They are known as the original inhabitants of the rainforest country around Malanda in Far North Queensland.


Here are a collection of photos showing the surrounding area leading to the curtain fig tree. I first saw this tree some 20 years ago before the elevated timber pathway. Previously you could walk at ground level all the way around to the tree. It was after Cyclone Larry 2007, that this construction was installed making it easier to navigate. I’ve visited the curtain fig tree at least 15 times during the past 20 years bringing family to visit this unique and fascinating natural phenomena.



Below the timber walkway is various ground covers, tree trunks, mushrooms, basalt boulders and moist decomposing leaf litter of the rainforest.




The reduced-slip tread over the timber walkway has made it more comfortable to walk on after the rainy weather.p1040300You will find some cultural and historical information about the Mabi Forest in the shelter shed.




6 thoughts on “Creation of the Curtain Fig

  1. I’ve seen these trees before but I never realised that they started from a host tree that was consumed in the curtain figs growth. I think this is much better than some strangling vines in my country that climb and kill a tree and fall back to the ground (as the vines are not self supporting).

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  2. Oh wow. What a lovely trip down memory lane this was for me. In 2010 I did an all-day tour of the Atherton Tablelands when I was staying in Palm Cove. I got to see this beauty and stand nearby for another tourist to take my pic too. I loved the Atherton Tableland expanse and its contract to the coast. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 11/52 Next week: Autumn

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