30 minutes of Wellness

I have left the world behind and decided to be still and relax my mind so I can enjoy my favourite pastime – a visit to a coffee shop. Sitting here contemplating on a tranquil quiet morning in a little country town, my thoughts have traveled elsewhere.

Look Around You – What do you see?


I note lovingly polished tables and chairs surround me. I run my fingers across the smooth surface of the honey pine table knowing how much care and attention has gone into their immaculately smooth finish. I cast an outward look towards the big front windows and am greeted by a screen of luscious green rainforest. Just in front of the rainforest foliage sits the local Lion’s park with the Christie Palmerston statue to remind Millaa Millaa of its historical start. This is the ideal spot on a misty Millaa Millaa morning to just sit and write for 30 minutes.

Restore Your Energies

Work sometimes gets in the way of life, necessary as it may be, sometimes you need to just step-to-the-side and appreciate the beauty in nature, share a smile or a kind word, simply do nothing or write until your heart is content. A humble 30 minutes off the treadmill of life can certainly restore your energies.

Spoil Yourself


I have deservedly spoilt myself. I ordered my favourite, toasted chicken, cheese and pineapple, followed by cinnamon caramel chocolate cake. My beverage of choice was local Nerada Tea; straight from the farm into the pot. How good is this. I may need to come back next week to practise it again.

31 thoughts on “30 minutes of Wellness

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  2. Hi, I just found your blog :)) this post was nice because of how mindful you were taking the time to look around & appreciate the room. And I have never heard of Nerada tea. I love tea so I’m curious now lol

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