What meals to prepare before your first baby arrives.

IMG_6213As first time parents go, my friend is no exception. There has been much flurry and preparations aplenty being made for their first born.

At our Thursday coffee ritual, she understandably wanted our advice about what type of easy meals she could make ahead of the baby’s arrival. We peppered her with suggestions.

She stopped us and said, ‘Blog it! I’ll have it to read later when I’m on maternity leave.’ Consequently, here are our marvellous suggestions with love. Enter recipes on taste.com search:

  • Mini pizza – snack size
  • Lasagne
  • Bolognese sauces made on mince or chicken
  • Quiches

IMG_6213The Crock Pot to the Rescue

The Crock Pot will be your best friend.  Simply prepare and throw all the ingredients into the slower cooker in the morning and by the evening meal, it is done and ready to eat. The picture shows my chicken and vegetable soup at the prep stage and 8 hours later; six meals of yummy chicken soup.

Pack your meal portions into your plastic containers, label lids and freeze. No extra special cooking day put aside if you cook extra evening meals – freeze them. Or alternatively, have cooking days to stock up. Here are some other easy favourites to search on delicious.com.

  • Apricot chicken
  • Beef stroganoff
  • Chicken and Vegetable soup

There’s nothing better than coming home to a meal that’s waiting for you. Included are some well displayed blogs and websites for meal ideas. They are well worth a read:

After baby has arrived, and life has settled a tinsy, winsy bit, here are other yummy food sites. As some of you know I’m a slow cooker fan, hence it’s at the top.


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