A Smokin’ Lunch

Platypus, smoked local meats, homemade jams, fresh baked desserts and lily pads across expanses of lakes were an enticing combination for a relaxing midday outing.

The Australian Platypus Park and Tarzali Lakes Aquaculture Centre’s outdoor covered dining area had expanded considerably. I was pleased to see that business was doing well, especially their Smokehouse part. Various meats are smoked in their special smokehouses. It’s great to have such local expertise on hand.

After we enjoyed smoked fish, lightly crumbed squid, both with salad and chips, I browsed their collection of homemade jams and honey. I bought some cumquat jam and local honey; as I’m partial to honey with my lemon tea and a local jam at brekkie. After that, I took a leisurely stroll to the platypus sanctuary. I decided on the walk, so I could fit in dessert and a cuppa later.

I love supporting our local tourism operators because it usually involves eating. Apart from indulging in a hot cuppa and cake, I always enjoy a good meal with friends. As we chatted we were contemplating shifting into their lounge area. However, my hummingbird cake with philly-cheese icing – topped with walnuts, and the lemon aspen cheesecake arrived.

Prior to dessert, I had headed off to try and get a photo of a shy platypus.  In the photo you may notice a ripple in the water. The monotremes could only be seen at a distance, ducking and diving at the edge of the lily pads some 60m from the viewing platform.

The Tarzali Lakes is relaxing, and it definitely has therapeutic qualities with its lakes, monotreme life, bird life and tropical Atherton Tableland vegetation.

11 thoughts on “A Smokin’ Lunch

    • Very much so. Such lovely places out in some rural area. I always take family and friends to visit these places. However, tomorrow I’m taking my four nieces to a place I discovered where we’re picking fresh strawberries and The Mad Hatterz Cafe for lunch. These are already featured in my blog which the girls want photo of themselves in it. Such funny things they are.


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