The Tackle That Didn’t Get Away

Museums of any sort capture my attention. However, having a museum attached to a fish and tackle shop had me intrigued. As I needed a particular set of weighing scales, I decided the museum alone would be worth the drive. I ventured forth and found Bransfords Discount Tackle Shop, Clifton Beach, Cairns. I wanted to victory dance when I found the scales I had been searching for.

I needed weighing scales to measure sensitive weights from 0 to 2.5kg. I was originally directed to major fishing and tackle shops. At one major outlet I purchased scales which I found out, at home, could not do the job. Even after carefully explaining to the sales assistant my specific requirements. That was a $10 lesson learnt.

But land ahoy, to the rescue came a family-owned fish and tackle business in Clifton Beach, at the Mobil service station. Not sure if Bransfords is famous – as it says in its promotion; but it sure is ginormous. They carried the quality scales I needed – albeit more expensive; but my mum has always said, ‘you pay for quality’ and she’s right. A fisherman’s paradise would be an understatement. I have seen a few fish and tackle stores in my time, but this one is special.


Not only can you buy fishing gear or feel the weight of a well-balance rod, but you can view fishing gear from a bygone era. The museum is tucked neatly against a back wall where fishermen have loaned or donated gear to create some wonderful memories. The care and attention in their museum display shows a community of locals who have the same passion for preserving their fishing memorabilia.

It is understandable they were finalists for: ‘Top Tackle Store in Australia – 2015’, which is why they are known as ‘famous’ in the world of everything ‘fishing’. One important quality I believe that had seen them become finalists was: knowledgeable staff who appear to live and breathe their job, and ‘really know’ what they are talking about.


So much so that they offer customers local advice and maps on where to fish. Whether you catch anything or not depends on the weather, tides etc., but they’ll advise you about that also. I was impressed with their wonderful historical collection of fishing equipment and local stories. And I know if you’re into fishing, you’ll enjoy it too.


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