Yay! A Personal Trainer – I Did It!

As in my previous post, I finally qualified as a Personal Trainer (PT) since studying from September 2021 to July 2022. Studying certainly challenged the brain matter, but perseverance, persistence and a lot of knowledgeable, supportive people and fitness professionals helped me kick this goal.

This is my first day on the job as a PT with Live Life Get Active (LLGA). I didn’t realise this job would see me catch up with long time Townsville friends. It was at Riverway Camp where I met a school friend of some 40 years ago. And then, at The Strand Camp, I met neighbours – now adults with their own children – of some 30+ years ago. And another friend where our babies are now 32 years old. Having lived in Townsville for over 20+ years before venturing away (Atherton Tableland for 14 years and Brisbane for 5 years) I didn’t foresee a return to Townsville as a PT. However, I’m back and here are some of my posts which appear on LLGA PT’s private Facebook page but also on my ‘Get into Your Groove PT’ Facebook page or @MariaParentiGroovePT. Also check out my instagram.

Check out LLGA website if you wish to participate in any community sessions throughout Australia. It’s a very comprehensive and dynamic website on fitness, health and nutrition – includes recipes, online, live and face-to-face workouts. Their programs receive support from local Councils, fitness organisations and local businesses.


Post 6:

It’s been almost a week since I started my new PT job with LLGA and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Helping people who want to be helped is so rewarding. While members mention feeling sore after workouts they would be much sorer without their warm up and cool down. Key is when working within their range of ability they’re working their major muscle groups to protect their bones. Increased strength, energy levels and mental health are an extra bonus.

This morning 6am session was X-Training and as you’ll hear from the video footage there was a particular group louder than others.🤣

The Strand X-Training – the crew having fun.

Thank you to LLGA The Strand sponsors Townsville City Council and Sport Australia.

Post 5:

We beat the rain this afternoon 5:45pm (30.8.22) active boxing session at Live Life Get Active (LLGA) The Strand session. Twelve keen members were booked in and 12 turned up for the cardio and boxing workout.

We were grateful for the partial shelter if it rained but the grass was too wet for shuttle runs from an earlier downpour. One of our LLGA regulars to X-Training and yoga says she doesn’t do boxing because she doesn’t like it, but after giving it a go, she came back for another fun session.🥳

Boxing exercise is much more fun than expected according to a once reluctant active boxing member.

Thank you to the LLGA Camp sponsors – Townsville City Council and SportAus. More information is available at https://livelifegetactive.com/ about community fitness and health sessions throughout Australia.

Post 4: This morning (30.8.2022) the light rain and slippery grass didn’t dampen our active boxing session. We spied a shelter nearby at our Riverway Camp and went quite a few rounds with our cardio and Active Boxing techniques. I had to join in – of course because of our odd numbers. Oh well such is my job.

A couple of shout outs to four very regular LLGA members: for reaching over 300 sessions Gayle (a school friend of over 40 years) and Donna, plus Congrats to Dan and Cathy for over 150 sessions.

Thank you to our sponsors Townsville City Council and Selectability for our LLGA program.

Post 3: Lively, energetic group this morning (29.8.2022) at X-Training The Strand, North Ward. Great start to Bone Health Week through building muscle and increasing bone density with high impact and high intensity progressive training. Aim is to keep bone foundation strong, protect vital organs and prevent issues like osteoporosis. Members went through a series of fun body weight resistance training. Thank you to our sponsors Townsville City Council and SportAus through the LLGA programs by the sea.

Post 2: At today’s (29.8.2022) Live Life Get Active – LLGA’s Riverway Camp, two members hit over 300 sessions. Congrats to Dave and Angela. This week LLGA are focusing on ‘Bone Health Week’. Some of the posts on the LLGA blog include 5 Signs You Have Frail Bones — and How to Make Them Stronger

Thank you to Selectability and Townsville City Council for sponsoring Riverway, Thuringowa Camp.

Post 1: This is my first two days (25-26.8.2022) as a Personal Trainer (PT) with Live Life Get Active (LLGA), who partner with local government, national organisations and businesses all over Australia to bring opportunities to the community for X-Training, Active Boxing, Yoga, weekly focuses and Nutritional/Recipes information both online, live and face-to-face. This is an initiative of Olympian Jane Fleming and fellow fitness and health professionals who are on the board of directors.

The two Townsville Camps are: The Strand 6am Mon and Wed X-Training; 5:45pm Tues and Thurs – Active Boxing. Raintree Grove, Riverway are 6am Tues and Thurs – Active Boxing; 5:45pm Mon and Wed X-Training. The 45min sessions are structured as 5min warm up, 30min conditioning phase and 5min cooldown, plus rests.

Live Life Get Active provide Personal Trainers (PTs) with LLGA t-shirts, hoody and $1000 worth of equipment to do the job.

*The first set of photos from The Strand is where I met a neighbour of 30+ years with her own teenager. The last five photos are at Riverway (where I met my school friend of 40yrs ago). Specifically the last two pics show – in the background, the scaffolding and stadium lights, plus a long yellow banner on the fence barricade in preparation for the International cricket, Australia v Zimbabwe ODIs – Men, coming up late August.

The focus this week was ‘All About Me’ The LLGA Camp Strand sponsors are Townsville City Council and SportAus (Sport Australia) and Raintree Riverway sponsors are Selectability and Townsville City Council.

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