Old Maid

No one wants to be an old maid especially if you’re a teenager. It’s a fun hysterical game where everyone is trying to put on a straight face not to let on they have the dreaded joker. Loads of family fun.


Pack of cards (play with one joker only)

4 players (otherwise you will need two decks)


Is to get rid of all your cards and not be left with the joker otherwise you’ll be the old maid.

How to Play

  1. Deal out all the cards.
  2. Look at cards and find all pairs.
  3. Put pairs face down on the table.
  4. Fan cards out remaining cards in your hand for the player on the left to pick one until everyone has had a turn to pick.
  5.  If you make another pair, place it into you pile.
  6. Take another turn picking a card.
  7. The first one with no cards is the winner, however the player who has the Joker is the old maid.

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