Not New Year’s Resolution

This Guest Blog Post is pertinent today, as it is to every other day. Consider it not as a New Year’s Resolution but an ‘Every Day Resolution’. Refer to it as often as you need. Share it. Declare it. Practise it. Role play it. Your thoughts and emotions are but Guests.


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mybalanced mind~body~soul

Whenever you have a negative thought or emotion, about yourself, another, or some situation, it’s nice to remember that a thought/emotion is a guest, and guests come and go. A guest will visit for a short time, but will eventually leave. It doesn’t reside with you. Negative thoughts, emotions, &, yes, guests don’t have to be influences in your life, & can only do so if you allow it. Allow your guest(s) to visit, but don’t allow them to set up housekeeping.

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2 thoughts on “Not New Year’s Resolution

    • Good on you🍃 It took me so much practice to access it and actually develop confidence to use it. Instead of feeling blah, I feel more empowered. There are many bulldozers/guests that would happily run rough shod over our emotions. ✨


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