Tantalising Treats For Christmas

Rudolph stared, tiny teddy drove and marshmallow sat on a saucer. These wonderful concoctions of cleverness and creativity had children oohing and aahing, at their end of school year breakup. For that matter, I was as well. I have brought these back this year because of their popularity. Enjoy.


Rudolph sat staring with a jaffa as his nose and pretzels as his antlers. Tiny teddy zoomed around on four blue smarties, using a mini chocolate bar for his chassis, and a yellow smarty for his steering wheel. Also the marshmallows were masquerading as teacups, with freckles for froth, and pink lifesavers as their handles. And what a party they did have!


In the fun spirit of Christmas, treats are always a hit with kids big or small. I saw this at one of the break up parties. They looked easy to make and so fabulously eye catching.


When I visit family during the Christmas break, I’ll garner my forces — my nieces — and we will problem solve what lollies will be needed for these no-bake treats. I will need their help during the shopping expedition, as they will be far more efficient than I in finding, selecting and getting ourselves to the check out to get home to start. My nieces will be super excited about making them. So my job will be to sit back, semi-supervise and enjoy a cuppa, as they create their mini masterpieces. Have fun making them. We will!



23 thoughts on “Tantalising Treats For Christmas

  1. Oh I love those Rudolphs! My favourite “cheat treat” for Christmas is to buy plain chocolate biscuits, drizzle them with white melted chocolate, stick on a couple of spearmint leaves and jaffas for “holly” … though I did hear a rumour that they don’t make spearmint leaves anymore, not sure if this is true though I hope not!


    • So glad to hear another treats connoisseur. Yum yours sounds great. I have not been able to find the original milk bottles & spear mints. They had a taste of their own. Jaffas are still good. Enjoy!


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