Children – Hug Them Tight

Take A Moment…

To appreciate what photos reveal, focus your lense and wait. Train it on your subject. Hold on tight. That unexpected moment takes but one press to capture an image of those we hold dear.


A Poem to Our Children

Our Children 

 Teach them, guide them, be there for them

Talk to them. Read to them. Enjoy being with them.

They remember time well spent



Innocent remarks have us laughing

Quirky comments enlist our chuckles

Leaping, bouncing, catapulting

their spirited energy

young and boundless.



Like reflecting stars

they brighten our day

when least expected.



Uplift our heart with

a love so bright

it hugs us tight.






*  No photos on this blog may be reproduced. Photos by my 11 year old niece of my other 11 year old niece.

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