Strip Jack Naked – Kids Card Game

My eyebrows raised a tad when I heard the name of this kids’ card game — Strip Jack Naked. However, I was curious to find out how this kids’ version was played. Particularly having had so much fun playing the other family card games with ‘My Ship Sails’ and ‘Snap’. Hence, I was keen to learn another card game.



  • 1 pack of 52 Cards
  • 2-6 players


  • Deal all cards to players, around the table, start on left.
  • The aim is to strip other players of their cards – like Snap where the winner ends up with all the cards.


  • It’s a game of chance because your deck is facing down at all times. Pull from the top like the snap card game and add to the centre pile – no peeking at your deck.
  • Once you are out (or no cards left), you can no longer play, until the last player has ‘stripped’ all the cards from the other players.
  • Start to the left and take turns putting down a single card from the top of your desk into the middle.
  • If you put down a ‘face or picture’ card the next player has put down the amount of playing non-face cards associated with that face card (card value A = 4 cards, K= 3 cards, Q= 2 cards, J= 1 card)
  • However, if you put down a face card during your play, the next to your left, puts down, the value of that face card. If the play is uninterrupted the person who put down the last face card collects the middle. (This is how to strip players of their cards).
  • Warning: The game gets quite tense when face cards are put out during the play. The middle pile adds up to lots of cards with players hoping to win the deck – therefore stripping others of their cards.
  • If that next player puts down a face card, then the next player puts down the relevant number of cards etc.,

* Option: Joker can be added with a value of 5 or be removed.

This was definitely another fun card game for kids and adults.

6 thoughts on “Strip Jack Naked – Kids Card Game

  1. I learned this game at camp in the 70s. We had one additional twist: all players try to slap any doubles. So if two of the same number or face were put down in secession, the first player to slap their hand on top of the pile wins the pile. This enabled a player who had been stripped of all their cards to ‘slap back in’. It also lent some surprise and excitement to the game. We all loved it so much!


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