Family Snap Card Game

P1040422Fun family time is as simple as playing a ‘Snap’ card game. Hours of frivolity and laughter was had when the kids and their dad tried to outsmart each other ‘snapping’ and ‘fake-snapping’ at duplicate cards. A 52 playing-card pack was used to entertain these four cherubs, while other family members observed their antics. It was better than watching television.

As an onlooker, it was hilarious observing them. Listening to their jabbering and yabbering at the unfairness of some players’ hands crawling forward towards the centre pile of cards. The competitive snappers were perched down one end, hand at the ready to snap away. And ‘Snap’ they did. Their reflexes were faster than I could blink.

I thought: Wow! These kids have been playing this game for a while. My reflexes were snail-paced compared to my young nieces. I thought, I best get involved and start improving my hand-eye co-ordination. Just when I thought my reflexes were on the up, I became distracted as it was far more interesting watching their competitiveness – hence I never won a hand.

How To Play Snap


  • Players 2-6
  • 52 card pack


  • ‘Snap’ hand down when the same card lands in the centre (or double of a card). Player who snaps all the cards is declared the winner.


  • Deal deck of cards around the table to all players starting from your left.
  • In turn, from the left, place one card on the centre pile when it’s your turn
  • Snap your hand on card, when you see a double of the same card.
  • Fastest-handed player to ‘snap’ down on the centre pile of cards takes that pile of cards.
  • Players who have no cards, can continue to ‘snap’ cards in the centre.
  • Continue until one player ‘snaps up’ all the cards.
  • All hands to be equal distance from centre, allow everyone equal chance to snap.


Happy snapping!


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