Teach Kids to Wrap their School Lunch


Preparing school lunches the night before, tastes as good the next day – otherwise my nieces wouldn’t eat them. Wraps are moreso delicious, especially when the kids are responsible for making them. Also, there are far less complaints.

Just as important is learning the hygienics behind safe foods. Washing hands, clean bench area, prepping ingredients, wrapping your wrap, utensils to pick up food and using a frozen pack for lunch boxes — especially when using meats –are all good skills.

However, wrapping a Wrap has a knack. Once rolled, wrap your Wrap in plastic-wrap (or lunch paper) first. Then cut in half and rewrap the cut end to reseal. To eat from one end unwrap the resealed plastic cover.

Also, it’s our responsibility as adults to teach our children to become more independent.  Something as simple as making their lunch will help build their general knowledge, confidence and create an understanding of safe, healthy eating.

Your wrap will make other school students envious. It’s been proven, especially when they want a bite. My advice is avoid this at any school level because saliva swapping may not be conducive to your health.

Also, think healthy. Think micronutrients with your salads and fruits, healthy fats with cottage cheese, avocados etc., — as a base on wraps instead of butter or margarine and protein for cell repairs. Also think Macronutrients  as it covers carbohydrates, fats and protein. So much to consider, but if you can take away one thing, it’s this:

You are what you eat! Healthy Eating!

IMG_7719 3

Ingredients used in this green spinach wrap include: cottage cheese, avocado, cucumber, kale, baby spinach, 1 tbsp quinoa (sprinkled on cottage cheese) and 70-100g chicken. Then roll and wrap. Enjoy!


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