Hassle-free Way to Cook Quinoa

IMG_6866Cooking quinoa in a saucepan was time-consuming because I felt I had to keep lifting the lid to ensure it didn’t over boil.

However, my sister-in-law has taught me a no-fuss, easy way to cook Quinoa. Using the microwave technology has been a more enjoyable, hassle and stress-free experience.

Microwave Wattage Tips

When I used the 1000w microwave, the quinoa didn’t over-boil. However, the 1200w microwave needed some experimenting. I’ve taken the guess work out of it for you because 1200w cooks at a ‘higher temperature’ and faster than the 1000w. If using 1200w, set it to 60% power when cooking quinoa. Here are some photos,  recipe and video footage for microwaving Quinoa. Quinoa is not only nutritional, but a multi-useful ingredient which can be used in salads, soups, veggies, cakes and anything else you want to experiment with.


Stage 1 – Approx 1- 5 minutes starting to bubble


Stage 2 – Next 5 minutes, starting to bubble and boil.


Stage 3 – During 7-12 minute – Full on boiling – but not overflowing.


Stage 4 – During last 3-4 minutes, drying out, small bubbles in lower part of bowl


  • 1 cup (or 250mL) white or multi-coloured quinoa
  • 2 cups (or 500mL) boiling  water
  • *Use same size cup for quinoa and boiling water


  • microwave
  • 250mL cup
  • min 1L (large) microwave dish
  • fork (fluffing)


  1. Place one cup quinoa in large microwave dish
  2. Place two cups boiling water in with quinoa
  3. Cook uncovered for 15min (60% power using 1200w microwave or 1000w on high)

Video Stages of Cooking Process

Stage 2 – Second 3-5 minutes, starting to bubble.
Stage 3 – During 7-12 minute – Full on boiling, but not overflowing
Stage 4 – During last 3-4 minutes, drying out, small bubbles in lower part of bowl


Stage 5 – The quinoa ‘fluffing’ stage as it has dried out sufficiently ready to serve in your hot or cold dish.


10 thoughts on “Hassle-free Way to Cook Quinoa

    • I almost decided Quinoa was too fussy to work with, until my sister-in-law showed me a more efficient, easier way to cook it. By her sharing, I thought there must others who need this shared. And quinoa is high protein carb, so win win!


    • Another excellent sharing idea with a rice cooker. The key for the microwave was using the boiled water because I tried and tried with tap water, but it still stayed the same. Thank you for sharing back.


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