Preservative Free Bread

I have found a cost efficient and healthier way of making a loaf of bread. Firstly, simply use plain flour off the shelf. Yes that’s right, basic, normal plain flour and not the more costly premix bread flour.

When a Stockman’s daughter enlightened me, I was rapt. When they visited, she baked fresh bread in the breadmaker. The kids loved it.The one loaf lasted the seven of us about two days. Of course it depends how you use it. Yes, I did exhibit self-control when spreading the butter on the piping hot freshly-sliced baked bread.

No Preservatives

Consequently, no more preservatives such as the enzyme and emulsifiers added to soy flour to make up the bread improver. The improver is used for strengthening, to hold ingredients together, for a longer shelf life and to make it look better. Also the additives – the numbers on the bread packet can be harmful or can be linked to behavioural problems in children, however some ingredients may not harm you, provided it’s in moderation.

The bread will last for a couple of days, then it starts to harden. At this stage, I toast it for brekkie or make a foccacia with my favourite deli toppings similar to a pizza. However, put it in the fridge after a day and it will keep fresh for longer.

When fresh, once it has cooled, slice it. For ease of slicing, if big loaf, cut the whole loaf in half and then slice the manageable half into whatever thickness you prefer. Also freeze smaller portions or refrigerate if you want to maintain it longer.

This recipe is the 4 hour recipe Prog 1, but there is the 1:55hrs set on Prog 2 below also.

Ingredients – 4hrs Prog 1

1 1/2 tspn yeast (sprinkled around the bottom of breadmaker – not in centre, keep unused yeast in fridge)

620g plain flour (can use rye, wholemeal etc.,)

1 1/2 tbsp sugar

1 level tspn salt

1 1/2 tbsp powdered milk (optional)

1 tbsp olive oil

420mL water (fluffier loaf – add little more water)

Method – Same for both 4hrs & 2hrs

  1. Place kneading blade into breadmaker (pull out after every loaf and clean)
  2. Put ingredients in breadmaker in same order as above.
  3. Put on program 1 (for Panasonic) starts at 4hrs
  4. Size of loaf – use XL (extra large)
  5. Darkness of crust – use light
  6. Program cycle – use program 1
  7. If you press start at 4 hrs, then your bread will be ready in 4hrs.
  8. However, it you want your bread ready for breakfast. Put ingredients in at 8:30pm and set the timer for 9.5hrs and it will be ready at 6am when you wake.
  9. Once it is ready (blinks under END), don’t leave it longer than 1/2hr, as it will collect moisture, which could lead to mouldy bread later.
  10. Take it out and wrap in a tea towel or put on a wire rack to cool.

Ingredients for 2hrs in the Breadmaker


This is my 2hr fast loaf in my breadmaker.

Ingredients – 1.55 hrs – Prog 2

2 1/4 tspn yeast

620g plain flour (can use rye, wholemeal etc.,)

2 tbsp sugar

2 tspn level salt

1 1/2 tbsp powdered milk (optional)

1 tbsp olive oil

430 mL water

Method as above.







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