Sound Meditation – Healing Vibrations

p1030074Sound meditation is part of Eastern Yoga where vibrations play a role. The theory behind the music vibration is that every yoga movement affects one of our chakras, and every chakra has a sound. The sound meditation also works on the water structure in our bodies and the Seven (7) Chakra system through healing vibrations.

Debbie has the Healing Vibrations

Debbie Savage is a Reiki Master Teacher, has a Diploma in massage therapy and in counselling and is also a meditation teacher. She has a passion for healing using sound meditation. First of all when the body is under stress, fatigue or illness, the vibration may be lower than its normal healthy range. The use of healing instruments used in a ‘sound healing’ help to lift the vibration by clearing any blockages and bringing the body back into a more harmonious state.


Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls are used for healing, and are made up of 99.9% quartz crystal, having a similar cell structure as our DNA, blood, bone and the liquid structure of the brain. It also aids in achieving a deep relaxed state — physically and mentally. The sound, frequency and vibration made by the different instruments used during the sound meditation, help to: still the mind, relax the body, alter the conscious state of the brain waves allowing optimal conditions for healing to occur.


Benefits of Sound Meditation

The benefits of sound are many. It is one of the easiest ways to meditate, as the mind has something to do. Following the different sounds of the instruments allows deep relaxation to occur. It also lowers the blood pressure, deepens breathing, lowers stress within your mind and body. This allows the participants to relax, unwind and have a unique experience during such a relaxed state, whilst also working on a subtle cellular level restoring balance. It is always wise to drink a lot of water post a sound session to help the body release toxins.


Water Structures Vibrates At Cellular Level

Dr Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist, discovered the change of the crystalline structure of water through the use of sound or prayer. The human body is made of 70% water, so the use of sound balances the body on a cellular level. Dr Emoto discovered polluted water taken from a dam had a corrupt cell structure. After a sample was given to the Buddhist monks with their singing pray songs and chants, the cell structure became similar to a snow crystal structure — perfect in shape.


Seven (7) Chakras

The chakras are wheels or energy centres that also vibrate at a certain frequency. Each chakra governs certain organs and if there is any illness or imbalance the poses or asanas held in yoga allow the release and balance of the energy within that chakra centre.

There are seven energy centres of the Pranic system. The crown of the head, the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, top of the pelvic bone and base of the body. Each one has different feelings and harmonies. It affects different parts of our life, like the base or root chakra. It’s to do with survival.

  1. The crown chakra is awareness of complete self.(Crown Chakra )
  2. The third eye is wisdom.  (Third Eye Chakra)
  3. The throat is the gateway to our spirituality and communication. ( Throat Chakra)
  4. The heart chakra is compassion.(Heart Chakra)
  5. The solar plexus is confidence and in control of our lives.(Solar Plexus Chakra)
  6. The pelvic chakra is the place where I am aware of myself, I am sexual. ( Sacral Chakra)
  7. Base of the body feeling grounded (Root Chakra)

All Chakras have got a different colour and a different sound. And when we breathe, each one of them spins.



Every cell within our body and everything around us has a vibration and a Frequency (MHz or Hz). Our internal organs all vibrate at certain hertz such as the Heart at 67-70MHz.  Liver at 55-60 MHz. Lungs at  58-65MHz. A healthy body frequency is 62-72MHz. Disease begins at 58 MHz. Fresh foods 20-27 Hz, Fresh herbs 20-27 Hz, Dried herbs 15-22Hz, canned food 0Hz. Essential oils 52-320Hz.


This special sound meditation session was held at Carina’s River Song Retreat, while holding Yoga in the Rainforest.




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  1. Oh wow, Maria. This is such a beautiful post and really something I needed to read and know more about. I do a lot of listening to meditation CDs and one of my favourites is when Pema Chodron uses the gong and says to listen until we can hear no is AMAZING for being in the moment. I can only guess that this type of thing noted here is both helpful and healing for you and others! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 7/52. Next Week: A Pet Story. Denyse xx

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