Music to My Ears

I marvel at the talents of young musicians. How they commit to learning an instrument, then play to create such joyous music. I appreciate when a musically-minded person plays a piece, which uplifts  me. You know how many hours of practice, passion and commitment was dedicated to achieve such a high standard.


It warms my heart when I listen to my nieces and nephews play their pieces with such love and compassion. The emotion of a piece always shines through. It gives me goosebumps, my right foot starts a little tap and my heart becomes so full to bursting.

Being able to play an instrument is so handy. I recall some 5-6 years ago, my nephew met a lovely Irish lass when he was backpacking around America. For their engagement in Australia, my young niece played a piece on her violin which was touchingly beautiful. Now the two sisters, my nieces, from the same family play the violin.



In another one of my families, there are three sisters who play instruments with the youngest poised to start when she’s big enough she advises me.



January 2016, myself and two of my families enjoyed Mozart’s The Magic Flute, at the Sydney Opera House. We had front row seats and the eight student musicians in the family were mesmerised with the orchestra, as were the adults. Of course the kids also talked about  the story, the grandiose costumes, the flamboyant characters and the close up facial expressions for a week after. As I said to them, you can aspire to this high stand of being in an orchestra. Your hard work will result in whatever you want to achieve in life.

I have three musical families. When I visit they usually put on a performance. I did dabble in piano many moons ago, but nothing like the talents of these. My son did practise the obligatory recorder at primary school, and with practice he became very good. It’s all the between-practice you must endure of the numerous off notes, screeches and false starts, which sets your ears on edge. It’s what they call a protégé in the making. He continued on with the drums and sang in the choir at high school for a time. Music is such a valuable adjunct to your right brain learning. Greatly underestimated. Just like a well-balanced diet, there is such a thing as well-balanced learning.



9 thoughts on “Music to My Ears

    • Thank you so much for your support of my family stories. I love my family to bits, although I live 4hrs and 20hrs drive away from some of them. Am glad they visit me during school holiday and vice versa. Cheers Maria xox.


  1. Me again! Dear M, if you wouldn’t mind…do have a look at the I Blog On Tuesday post this week (only when you get a chance) where Kylie points out that posts need to be newly published on the Tuesday. This post is OK today…and I am signing off because I am part of #teamIBOT but when you get a chance, check out what she writes. Thinking of you. Denyse x

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  2. What a joyful capture and sound! This would be awesome to photograph all these mewsical instruments up close! Nicely done. Have a fototastic week and you’re invited to join my not-so WW, if you’d like! 😉

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