Successful Succulents – Labour of Love


‘Succulents are a labour of love,’ according to a gardener from Oxley Nursery, Brisbane. ‘You need time and patience to grow them.’

We enjoyed a nursery outing where we were greeted with an extraordinary collection of succulents at its entrance.


They may grow at a snail’s pace, but I was dazzled by the unique shapes and sizes. The foliage was thick, thin or fleshy. The surfaces were velvety, glossy, stripy, prickly or plain. The colours ranged from red tip, white haired to various green tones.

They are versatile, as they can be used in terrariums or in hanging pots. These plants can fit in tiny spaces to dress up areas — like kitchen sills and patio tables. They’re ornamental and delicate to look at.


At the nursery, we saw the most fascinating of names. Some included Donkey’s Tail, String of Pearls, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, African Milk Tree and Mistletoe Cactus.


To gauge what speed they grow, here are two examples above. Some 18 months ago, my niece received these as a gift. The middle cactus (white/blue pot) was button-size, now it rises proudly some 4 inches in height. The cactus on the right (brown terracotta watering can) was a short 2 inches in height and is now about 6 inches tall ( Nov 2016).


Succulents need little water and good drainage, as they also enjoy moisture from the air. They’re hardy plants, but they don’t like wet feet. Also pests don’t bother them. This is one of the few plants that survive with very little water. The spiky ones usually like the sun, and the ‘no spikes’ prefer the shade. However, it’s always good to talk to an expert before buying your little succulent, so you get the right one for that perfect space.

If you want to know more information, Homelife is another informative site.

11 thoughts on “Successful Succulents – Labour of Love

  1. There are succulents in the garden of the house we are renting and being in a coastal locale they are doing well. When we lived in Western Sydney that would have been impossible. Thanks for sharing pics and helpful info for #lifethisweek3/52 Denyse

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