Yoga in the Rainforest

Yoga is about balance: mind, body, spirit and soul. It’s scientifically* proven that 10 deep breaths a day — in and out of the nose, send calming messages to the brain. These messages help you become more aware what’s going on in life. Balance and awareness will keep you going into old age.  According to Carina, a yoga instructor for some 30 years, ‘Yoga is the ‘Secret of Life’.’ She semi-retired to our part of the world in Millaa Millaa. She runs yoga classes at the QCWA Hall, Millaa Millaa and her  River Song Retreat. She runs classes for the elderly and general classes for all ages. She also runs Yoga Retreats at Riversong.

Yoga in the Rainforest

Upon arriving at Carina’s for Yoga in the Rainforest, a space of instant calm and tranquility extends its limbs in greeting.  An abundance of foliage, dense tropical rainforest, refreshingly cool air, rockery gardens and the various Buddha assail your senses. The effect is instantaneous. My mind calms. What a magnificent setting. If you’ve thought about yoga, here is Carina’s further valuable knowledge which may inspire you.


The benefits of yoga includes the flexibility of the mind and body. You’d be surprised how you can build your flexibility and muscle strength in a gentle way. Gym and yoga work hand in hand. Extreme sports people do yoga to balance out, often helping with less injuries. They’re healthier and more aware.


Not Being Flexible Is A Myth

‘People say, ‘Oh. I can’t do yoga. I’m not flexible. That’s a myth.’

Hatha Yoga is a very gentle yoga. It’s more holistic. It brings in the elements of stretch (physical and mental), breath and relaxation.

In yoga, you’re moving energies around your body and detoxing so many organs, just by standing in a yoga posture.


Four Elements of Yoga

The four elements from a Western point of view are: mind, body, spirit and soul. They are at peace with one another during the yoga journey. Age is no limit. You could be laying on your bed and mentally doing yoga. You don’t have to physically do yoga to get the benefits. It is designed for the human body.

It takes one class a week to notice the difference. Yoga is underestimated because it’s so gentle.

‘People think, ‘Oh no. This is not doing me any good. I can’t feel the burn’.’



With Yoga Possibilities Are Endless

Yoga opens up possibilities. You become more creative. You see things in a clearer way. If you have addictions, yoga can help you control these. It all depends on your need.

Yoga classes can be using a chair or the floor. You can work at your own pace. You listen to your own needs when you’re in a yoga class. You don’t look around and think, ‘Oh that’s what she’s doing I better try that.’ You don’t do that. You try and leave your ego or self-doubts at the front door. It’s your personal journey.




Yoga is known as the science of the universe. It’s a fact. Everything comes from yoga. All exercise, all thoughts, all sciences, compassion, love, everything.

For a simple meditation, find a little spot on the wall as your meditation point. Use yoga breath (nose breathing) to become one with the spot on the wall. As your mind calms, feel the universal energy of Prana fill your whole being. Prana is free for the taking. A few moments a day will bring a calmness to your mind.


Gentle Yoga vs Extreme Yoga

Some city yogis or Western yogis tend to be young fit people who do extreme yoga classes. Of course that eliminates people of a mature age. It’s a bit harder to find more mature yoga teachers. You’ll find them in the country because they’re semi-retired. They have more awareness of being gentle.

‘We have guests that stay at Riversong. They go back to the city and contact me and say, ‘I can’t find a gentle yoga teacher, which is really sad, but that’s the way the Western world is.’

Those yoga teachers are catering for a need, because people think they have to work really hard to get the benefit and that’s not the case at all.



Yoga A Way Of Life

Yoga is not a religion. It is a way of life.

‘Best thing that happened to me. I was a very hyperactive, out of control young woman. When I discovered yoga, it’s made me the person I am today: calm, compassionate and respectful of other humans.

*Deep Breathing Techniques

The Havard Health Publication outlines the benefits of deep breathing. Also the American Institute of Stress have articles on the ‘quieting response’ and ‘teddy bear breathing’ for kids.


20 thoughts on “Yoga in the Rainforest

  1. It looks like a great spot. The place I do yoga at does an outdoor class in a lush rainforest-type garden once a week and I’ve been a few times. (I work every second Thursday so can’t go all of the time.)

    The only problem last time was that a python was in the roof area of one of the nearby Bali huts so I found it hard to focus as I’m really snake-phobic and was worried it’d come slithering out of its hiding spot to join us.

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    • I think the python would have been doing his own yoga meditation. Pythons usually move slowly. And your host would have discouraged it. Sounds like he’s been there for a while and think that you’re part of the environment.


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