Get in the Groove at ‘That Retro Cafe’

Funky, groovy, swell, radical and wicked are just a few words that come to mind when I track back through my youth for words which capture the ‘Retro’ era. Stepping into ‘That Retro Cafe’ was like slipping through a vortex. It had me spiralling towards my recollections of the 1970s and 80s, faster than a speeding bullet.

Psychedelic & Nostalgic 

The cafe’s splash of colour and psychedelic patterns were tubular. I was certainly in no hurry to scram out of there. It was nostalgically groovy seeing their ‘way-out’, cosy, sitting areas of couches, recliners, low coffee tables and chairs beckoning you to rest your weary feet.


2016 Retro is Back

Fast forward to 2016. Retro is alive and well, yet again, in the village of Yungaburra, high up on the Atherton Tablelands. Sitting in comfy, bright-orange retro couches, sipping tea from psychedelic-patterned tea cup and saucer was, definitely, the ‘bees knees’.

Back to the 1970’s of School 

‘That Retro Cafe’ took me back to our boarding schools days of the mid 1970s. We would be perched up on honey-timbered seats, eyes glued to the colour television screen watching Countdown with Molly Meldrum. I even recall my groovy orange dress with the white collar. Now those were the days.

Retro Passion

Back to our delightful hostess at ‘That Retro Cafe’. It has been a passion of hers to have a unique cafe experience; hence the Retro era. Just glance around. You will see that her Retro collection is simply irresistible.  It does justice to the ‘Retro’ era. I have to admit, I used to have a hard make-up case just like that one. Mine was not hot pink, but I would have coped with that colour.  As for that mix master, a Sunbeam always took pride of place on mum’s cooking bench.

Homebrewed Cuppa & Homemade Cakes

Whilst relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere I thoroughly enjoyed her special blend, which is the best Chai latte Rooibos tea I’ve ever had. We also indulged in the homemade orange cake with real orange rind and a chocolate brownie. Before sweets, I had an avocado smash with lime juice on ciabatti. Yes I’m in a heavenly era.

If you’re thinking about visiting, there is just one important reminder about the 70s. There was NO EFTPOS machines, so  make sure you carry CASH. (Excuse the shouting, but I got caught short, so I had to rely on my cousin to shout us.) As I was saying, I know it’s unusual, but it is as if you are back in the 1970s when you step through those doors. So, bearing that in mind, you’ll need to get in the groove with carrying cash again.

Blast Back to the Past

Even before entering the cafe, you are welcomed, from the footpath, with a crazy collection of suitcases and some odd bits and pieces. However, be ready to go on a journey back in time. Until you bid farewell, keep on Groovin’!





39 thoughts on “Get in the Groove at ‘That Retro Cafe’

    • So pleased Ma. You have a natural beauty, so had to use your psychedelically groovy photo for the cover. I have travelled a lot and what you have is unique and I love it. Thank you for creating such an amazing space. Your Chai tea is devine also. Maria xox


  1. What a trip down memory lane this place is! So many around the area here are into the retro look. For me, as a child of the 1950s and a teen of the 1960s I think I am back at my parents/grandparents and wondered why we didnt keep it all. We modernised didn’t we! Thanks for linking up today for Life This Week. Denyse

    Liked by 1 person

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