How Can A Stylist Turn Your Dream Event Into A Fabulous Reality?

Themed backdrops, props and tablescapes will transform your special event from the mundane to the fabulous! How wonderful to feel like you’ve walked onto a movie set! Make your event an unforgettable experience…a magical event guests will remember! 

Have you ever longed to have a birthday, a wedding or a special event which will have your guests loving it, talking about it and remembering it for a long time.

Photos:  Vintage floral teacups, tiered plates, lolly jars & colourful table backdrop.

Making memories takes a special-kind-of-someone. It takes passion, creativity and attention-to-detail to transform an event into a memorably fabulous event. That special someone is an Event Stylist.  Champagne & Lace by Delicia – Facebook

Photos: Floral wedding archway. Wedding photo by Jacque May Photography. Welcome board. cards suitcase and candle lantern.
Photos: Tee Pees in children’s play area at wedding, silver serving set, white cups, pearls, glasses, lace backdrop and tablecloths.

Career into Creativity

A close friend, of a 40 year friendship, has finally followed her heart into creativity, as an Event Stylist. She has come through life as a mother, and a creator of a safe and comfortable nest for her brood. Now she wants the same for her clients.

“This is me embracing my passion. I am at a stage where I’ve realised that you have to seize what makes you happy; both at home and in your work life.

For my family, I have always endeavoured to make our home as warm and welcoming a haven as I could. After all, ‘home’ is where your first memories are made.”

Photos: Timber shelf, floral lengths, vintage teacup set, music theme with violin, bon voyage with suitcases and picnic baskets.

Lifelong Passion – Styling Themed Events

My friend, Delicia, has embraced her new career as an Event Stylist – Champagne & Lace. She stages events using backdrops, props and tablescapes to transform a special occasion into a magical and memorable point-in-time.

Depending on the client’s passion she can create your vision for an event or function. From Romance to Boho, French Chateau, Tea Time & Roses, Vintage Garden High Tea or the fun of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Photos: Theme green settings, tea sets, platters, candelabras, white sideboard, cushions and picnic basket.

Create the Personal

“To create the personal, I work with clients to bring their vision to life. Whatever they have been daydreaming about or yearning to see realised, I can assist them to make it a reality.

If a client wants a theme but just doesn’t know what to go with, I have a whole list of themes I can suggest. If it’s a professional woman’s retirement, I could suggest a ‘Glass Ceiling’ party. Something that strikes a cord.

Being of Italian heritage I would love to create an Al Fresco Luncheon using my unique and beautiful pieces to transform a space into something quintessentially Italian… a scene that oozes La Dolce Vita!

Backdrops are my passion. They ignite my creativity. The props create another layer to the scene.  I use unusual or unique pieces to lift the tone from the ordinary to the extraordinary. I am always striving for the ‘Wow’ effect. To have guests walk into  a party, take it all in and just say, ‘Wow! That looks amazing.’ To have that effect…well, that is my ultimate.”

Photos: Lace & decorative backdrop, tablecloths, platter, pink velvet curve-legged chairs, tea setting, vintage teapot. Photos by Teneile, Delicia’s eldest daughter.

Spectacular Events Make Memories

She has been renowned for putting on memorable and spectacular events for family and friends. Whether it was: reunions, weddings, baby showers, hen’s nights, farewells, birthdays or Christmas celebrations. You name it, she has done it.

By embracing her creativity and applying it to a new career path, as an Event Stylist, Delicia wants to specialise in styling events with that ‘personal touch’.

“My aim is to have guests leave a party talking about that event. I like to create spaces that people immediately love. To create something that is totally unexpected. I want them to feel like they are walking into a happy space where they can leave their troubles at the door and enjoy indulging in a touch of luxury and elegance; if only for an afternoon. That is what motivates me. To be able to help create special stand out memories for my clients gives me something more than mere job satisfaction. It gives me joy!”

Photos: pink sequenced tablecloth and backdrop, pouring jugs, pink coffee set, maroon and gold tea set.

Staging Your Unique Event

She can transform an event space into something unique. If clients are not sure how to go about staging beautiful spaces, Delicia can give them ideas on colour and theme.

“Some clients come to me and they have no idea what they want to do. But they definitely want to do something special. They’ve been dreaming about doing something different, but they’re not sure how to start. So, I work with them to do a vision board, depending what appeals to them. It could be ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ or a ‘Christmas in July’ or anything their heart desires.

I love creating a space that people walk into and instantly feel excited by or just plain happy. Sometimes I feel I want to be a memory maker. I love the thought of being the creator of special memories. Of creating standalone moments that make people think back and feel, ‘Yes! That was a special standalone moment in my life’.”

Photos: Retro theme.

Daydreaming – Memorable Moments

If you want to step out of the mundane humdrum and leap into  another world, then enlisting a Personal Event Stylist is the first step.

“When someone walks into your event, they’re hit with the instant: Wow factor! or Aha moment! People feed off that.

It has a ripple effect where that special person feels so happy that everyone feeds off  it. It’s like a happy vibe.

That’s what I want. Where everyone loves what they see. They’re in the moment. They leave their past at the door, forget their troubles and just enjoy!”

Photo: Italian scenic canvas and Eiffel tower.

Love The Aha Moments 

It’s the ‘Aha moments’ which create memorable memories of any event.

“When guests walk in, they often do the ‘Aha thing’, or say, ‘ Oh my gosh this is just beautiful’. I love it when they’re taken aback.

Photo: Lace umbrella, hat box, damask tablecloth, card suitcase, candelabra. Corner of an archway of backdrop.

Passion, Love & Creativity

After a lifetime passion for the aesthetics, for creating beautiful environments, Delicia loves the moment when people arrive. They stop, drink in the scene and stare in disbelief at the fabulous vision before them.

“Those are the take-your-breath-away moments that I strive to create. I love hearing people say, ‘Oh, isn’t it beautiful!’ It still gives me goose bumps.

When I do events, I do it with the same passion I do for my family. It is that same passion, love and joy that creates ‘that special moment’. 

That to me is everything. It’s what makes memories.”

Photo: Manniquins and earthy tones.
Photo: Purple floral theme, white and green theme sideboard, wicker water jug, old clock.
Photo: Baby shower blackboard, vintage teacups, white rocking horse.
Photos: Outdoor – Jack Daniels, couches red and black theme.

Christmas Spirit

When people walk in at Christmas and see my white sideboard and my ceiling branches, they go, ‘Oh my gosh!’ Who does that? I just smile… they know.”

Photos: Christmas Theme with sprigs, baubles, mini trees, wreaths, bowl, cones and white sideboard. Decorated Christmas ceiling branch.





The majority of photographs were taken by Troy Rodgers, Delicia’s cousin.

Huge hugs and kisses to family and friends for supporting her passion and dream for a creative career. xox

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