Hairdressers Make You Feel A Million Dollars

When people leave the hairdressers they feel like a million dollars. To quote Julius Sumner Miller: Why is this so?  Apart from making you look and feel good; they are renowned as exceptionally good listeners.

Good Listeners

People feel they can talk to their hairdresser because of an unspoken code of ‘client/hairdresser confidentiality’. As hairdressers listen, you can talk freely and openly knowing it won’t go beyond the four walls. Being at the hairdressers, is your chance to air things that are bugging you or you may just want to have a bit of a laugh; which is a great stress reliever. People usually like to talk to someone, and hairdressers are the best listeners.

My hairdresser says they’re not psychologists or problem solvers, just great confidential listeners, as their clients talk their problems away.

Problem Shared, Problem Halved

”A problem shared is a problem halved. After you’ve spoken and got it out loud you already know the answer just by voicing it. You’ve already worked it out in your head most of the time. You actually know what you’re supposed to do or what you should do. But voicing it is always nice. Lots of times they problem solve on their own. Even just having that one-on-one attention for clients is important because some people never get it. Listening sometimes is just enough.”

Our Crowning Glory

When someone is looking after your crowning glory, you usually trust their judgement with anything ‘hair’. I see them as ‘hair doctors’ because that is their field of expertise. You allow them to make small changes to style cuts, blow drying or product suggestions. You trust them to make you look and feel good. My hairdresser kindly allowed me to share her tips and advice on taking care of my hair with my chemical-free products.

How to Use Shampoo and Conditioner

“There is a technique to shampooing. You wash twice. The first time put a small amount in the palm of your hand, then place your palm onto your scalp to shampoo. The first shampoo will open up the cuticles of the hair. The second shampoo will cleanse it. While cleansing for about a minute, run your fingers through the length of your hair, not rubbing the hair together because it can damage it. Next rinse shampoo through your hair with water.”

Conditioning & Towel Drying

IMG_0050“With a conditioner, always start with the ends of the hair and work up to the scalp. When towel drying your hair, pat your hair or squeeze it. Don’t put your head over and shake it because it’s like shaking a wet rope and it will fray. That’s how people with long hair end up with split ends.” One of the little extras I enjoy is a slow scalp massage as part of the conditioning treatment.

Facial Waxing & Tinting

Also a hairdresser can provide that extra facial waxing service and tinting. A bit like a ‘One Stop Shop’. Sometimes you don’t just want a haircut, but you want those little extras. You want that facial hair gone or eyebrows tinted. Your beauty hairdresser can offer that extra service of tinting and waxing of unwanted facial hairs. This is such a convenient service. l love it.

Itchy Scalp or Dandruff

It was good finding solutions to the dreaded dry scalp, itchy scalp or dandruff. After many years of trying various products for itchy and flaky scalp, I finally decided to try chemical-free products. Once the old residue and scum build-up were removed, there was no more itching or flaking. The petrochemical and paraben free shampoo and conditioners, virtually gave me overnight relief. I’ve been using this new product for close on five years now.

These are the products that have been successful with my scalp problem. See your own hairdresser about chemical-free products as they may have their own hair product line recommendations.

Two Types of Clients

As we talked further, I discovered there are two types of clients: those; who go regularly, and those; who don’t go regularly – but the end result is the same. You look and feel fantastic after visiting your hairdresser.

TIMG_0079he major reasons women, in particular, go regularly to a hairdresser is to keep their style cut, touch up their grey roots, or get their hair coloured. Some people with short hair, like myself, want to keep their hairstyle, others are going grey and would like to have their roots touched up or their hair coloured so you don’t see a regrowth,

Those who don’t go regularly sometime just go to get a ‘feel good’ boost. Before arriving, your hair is usually a bit messy. It’s not neat and tidy anymore. So by the time you leave you are feeling great, not just because of the cut but because you’ve had a bit of a chat.

Looking After the Elderly

Some hairdressers even do the community a service, where they go to the aged care homes for the elderly. They may not have anyone to talk to until the hairdresser arrives.

Thank you to the hairdressers of the world, I now know why ‘it is so’.


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