I had been sitting on my verandah, quietly enjoying a cuppa, while dabbling in my writings.  Out of the silence, came a loud rustling sound. I looked over at our timber bridge.  Then I glanced towards the rainforest and beyond the creek. I noted: no movement, no stirrings, not even the breeze was about. I thought, ‘Nothing’s happening over there’, so I went back to my scribblings.

Within a matter of seconds, a fawn kangaroo came bounding from behind the shed. It headed straight through the farm yard, past the verandah, towards the flat grass pad and dived paws first into the molasses grass. It was in a very big hurry, although there was nothing in pursuit.

My brain was trying to tell me, ‘Get the camera’, but my eyes were transfixed on this leaping ball of fur. Within five seconds, the show was over and I’d missed recording a visual memory of it. However, once I’d gathered my slow wits and cursed myself for my slowness,  I sat poised waiting with the said camera, but silence descended once more as if nothing had happened.

Fortunately, while I was looking through some of my 18 000 photos, which I was advised I had on my iPhone, I found this series of farm photos from September 2015. This was when I was sitting, much more alert, on my verandah; and obviously this kangaroo was in less of a hurry. Hence this is the 2015 kangaroo, who looks like the 2016 kangaroo, who was not keen on the paparazzi.

8 thoughts on “Kangaroo

    • I was surprised when I found the photo and how similar it looked if not exactly the same. When I asked the locals; it’s where we live and that particular type live in our area. So I was very excited.


    • Thank you. It has a 300m gravel driveway leading to that bridge. So it is very secluded property. Also that bridge has two giant 1 metre x 20m logs under the thick timber panels. It easily carries a 20 tonne milk tanker.


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