Sweet Adversity

Sweet Adversity by Sheryl Gwytherx400

Reviewed by Sophia Parenti, 12 years old.

Sweet Adversity was one of the rare books that I have actually been able to sit down and enjoy without losing interest within the first couple of pages. When I picked up this book it was different. It’s very hard for me to find a book that I enjoy. But after I started reading I was hooked. I often found myself reading it every spare moment I had — after school, before school whenever there was time.

Adversity is portrayed as sweet, selfless and adventurous character who cares for the orphans that were under the rules of Matron Maddock. Addie made it enjoyable for the orphans performing Shakespeare Plays out in the paddock out of Matron’s sight.

One of the main events that I enjoyed most was when Scrimshaw, the child dealer, was chasing Addie and Jack Roo. I was happy they escaped from being controlled by him after he fell off the jetty with his money belt.

A heart-wrenching part was when Addie went to a Play, with Macbeth her bird and her friend Sam’s real family. She was hoping that her parents might be performing there.

I’m generally not the person you find sitting on the couch enjoying a book, but Sweet Adversity was a very enjoyable book and an excellent read.


Sheryl signing books – Tyrion, Renee…


Lisa Berryman – Harper Collins and Sheryl Gwyther

IMG_2961 2

Angela Sunde launched Sweet Adversity for Sheryl.


Shakespeare Play


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