Gingerbread House


My niece and QCWA Charters have one thing in common. They both made gingerbread houses.

QCWA Charters Towers, outback Queensland have been making and selling Gingerbread Houses. My sister-in-law bought another one this year. We were in awe of the detail and precision in making the houses look so fantastic. In 2016 they only cost $40 and were selling like hot cakes. They did a stall at Charters Towers and sold out.

I recall making one myself from scratch and it was an experience not to be repeated. Hence I’ll be looking forward to getting a ready made one.

‘The work and dollar value that has gone into making them is incredible. They work selflessly to help other people. They willing volunteer their time to make them.’

The Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) has the Public Rural Crisis Fund which has helped many people in various crisis situations: flood, drought etc.,

 It’s great being a part of the QCWA (Queensland Country Women’s Association) in helping the community. At QCWA Yungaburra, we cater at the monthly Yungaburra Markets, which is hugely popular. Other Australian States have their own CWA (Country Women’s Association) also. Perhaps you may be able to help in some way.


My Niece’s Gingerbread House

My niece, 11, made this little gingerbread house and I felt that from little things big things happen. She’s been cooking with her mother since she was knee high to a grasshopper and she had a ball making this. The decorating was her most favourite part.


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