Write in Response to Visual Art

June Perkins, author, poet, blogger, photographer and videographer, held a Writing Poetry in Response to Art, workshop which showed how visual art could inspire poetry or some form of writing. Aspiring and emerging writers and poets were given an insight into ‘how to think differently’ about writing poetry. This event was part of the mini Illumine Festival on 6-8th October, 2017 at Magda Community Arts, Brisbane.

It was a thought-provoking workshop which allowed me the freedom to write without boundaries. Creating poetry from a photograph/visual art piece was liberating. It allowed my words to tumble onto the page from what I observed, sensed and heard within. It motivated me to write unhindered, to explore poetry with a new insight and confidence. I found it a decluttering of preconceived ideas – about poetry, allowing a fresh voice to emerge. I also learnt from my peers who viewed the same pieces differently again.

“Tess Elliott (Art Therapist): Thanks for an artistic inspiring afternoon June, Kara and Maria… look forward to the next one!

Kara McLeod: What an inspiring, enjoyable afternoon. Thank you June, Maria and Tess.”

This form of Art Therapy would also fit well into Health and Wellbeing workshops for any organisation or group.

Photo Essay of Workshop

Meet June…


Workshop in progress…


Further discussion…

Laughter, the best medicine…


Photographing ‘In Response to Visual Art’ pieces…

My first published poem ever, We Are Travellers, in response to June’s photograph has been commissioned by Ripple Poetry.

June’s photograph of her daughter in head-dress on wall, while her daughter stands in front – a self-portrait. My response to each photo is from the perspective of the 2D wall photo reflecting on 3D herself (see photo captions).


Sustenance for budding writers and poets…


Setting the scene…

Greeted at the door were inspiring works by June Perkins and the Magda’s artist.



Prior to June’s workshop, I attended the QWC (Queensland Writer’s Centre) ‘Poetry Bootcamp for Emotional Delinquents’ with New Zealand poet Hera Lindsay Bird. This spurred me on to look for other poetry opportunities. Hence, June’s workshop Writing Poetry in Response to Art .


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