Boxing Improves Reflexes & Fitness

Going to a gym, which has a variety of classes and varied time-slots is a bonus. When I saw boxing on the schedule, I raced over, slipped on my boxing gloves and was ready to defend myself. But no, it wasn’t that kind of boxing. It was hand-eye co-ordination, reflex and fitness building. Our boxing instructor, Julie, from Fit Ritual Coaching and Nutrition is a multi-skilled trainer. She worked on our boxing stances and three-hand boxing positions – straight, hook and upper cut – using right and left hands, while swivelling your waist for balance. I still think with all this fitness, reflex and boxing techniques I could surprise someone… or myself.

FullSizeRender 6

The video of hand-boxing positions included in our fitness routine.

The videos of foot-boxing stances to keep you balanced during our fitness routines.




Julie working with another boxer on technique.


Julie helping another student with technique, while the other boxers go through a reflex routine.



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