Marvel at the Costumes

What ignites your passion? As a theatre goer, the costumes have always attracted my respect and admiration for the costumer designer. When confronted with close-up detailed costumes of the Marvel Movie, time stood still.  Still enough, to appreciate the time expended not only on their intricate design but on their meticullous creation.

With any production or movie, the costumes are paramount. Without them the characters would be naked. When a performer dresses and layers pieces of their costume they are ‘getting-into character’. Costumes are but one part of a production.  However, the power of the costume is never underestimated for the actor manifests into whom they’re portraying. Its intricacy or simplicity can also signify the power of the character and their role — whether main, semi or minor players. It also allows the theatre goer or audience to recognise and connect to the character’s role in creating a seamless story.

The costume adornments, textures, layers, fabrics and colours add originality. The positioning of the fabric pieces (horizontal, vertical and oblique/diagonal) creates appeal and harmonic balance. In Marvel, the earthy colours are grounding and create a calming connection within the context of their settings.

The opportunity to view this collection was well worth the separate exhibition entry fee at QAGOMA or GOMA (Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art). A big thank you to their Strategic, Principal and Major Partners who made it possible.  I will continue to marvel at the costume designers and the craftsmanship in sewing these detailed pieces for a long time.



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