How To Lock Your Love

key-locksBehold my first encounter with love locks.  This is where two people are totally and unequivocally committed to each other. They show their commitment, by locking their love within the unbreakable bonds of a paddock. This paddock is secured to a structure. Then both, throw away their key into the deep dark waters or ravine or cliff etc., Somewhere where it is irretrievable.

At first, I thought a perfectly good padlock going to waste. However, this tradition is steeped in history going back to ancient times in China. Upon pondering further, it sounds kind of cute and romantic. And it could be something for my bucket list. However, this worldwide phenomena into love locks has become popular with romantics.

This symbolic gesture of throwing away the key, whilst the lock is securely fastened to a structure, into the unfathomable ocean shows their deep love and strong commitment to each other.


I first encountered this phenomena, as we travelled up the coast from Sydney to the Gold Coast. We stopped at various beaches along the way and came across this particular one. Upon arriving, we were stunned to see paddocks securely attached to the viewing platform structure; facing the ocean.

It was definitely a magnificent view for these pristine locks. I could envisage lovers pledging their everlasting love before the crashing of the ocean waves. Then the waiting swirling, foaming seas would eagerly swallow their ‘flying’ keys and submerse them for safe keeping forever more. Yes definitely romantic.


6 thoughts on “How To Lock Your Love

  1. Maria I have heard of this before but have never seen it in person. Let’s hope all these folks are still together after they go thru the trouble of locking up their love.

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