Sunday Breakfast – Wellness

Quietness surrounds my peaceful abode. A chorus of birds; twitter, whistle, pipe and are shrill in their conversation. This symphony of bird calls accompanies my Sunday breakfast;  bacon, egg and tomato, all carefully positioned on toasted ciabatta – garnished with fresh basil picked from the garden.

The Sun

From where I sit, a view more majestic I have not seen. The sun forges out to greet the day, as clouds take their turn to block its path. Plain deep patterns lay imprinted across the undulating landscape, as I sip my Lady Grey tea from my boldly striped mug – a teaching gift from a time long ago.

Gentle Breeze

The gentle breeze tenderly creates a wave of leaves to aerial passers-by. Birds dance and skip from tree to tree; chasing, swooping and ducking. How they don’t collide bemuses me. This view through my french doors is another of nature’s staged performances.


Then, a stealthy kookaburra plucks an insect from his grassy hideout. No creature appears safe. It brings to memory; a magpie swooping, trying upon several attempts to pick up a snake by its tail. A more fascinating display I had not beheld.

The Calves in the Paddock


The house creaks, the calves in the paddock herald their arrival: this time a quiet, gentle bleat. I reluctantly get up from my comfortable position and stroll over to the fence. They quietly graze, watching and wandering what I’m going to do. We look at each wide-eyed and in silence. No one makes a move. Then they decide I’m of no value and they continue their stroll around the paddock – munching and crunching blades of grass.

As you’ve just read, nothing remarkable about this Sunday morning; nothing much happens here – except the chance to write.

P.S. Late Afternoon – The Kangaroo

I came back to this piece later this afternoon, just before the temperature dropped.  As I was pulling the French doors closed, I caught a movement on the flat grass pad. There, a small fawn kangaroo was sunning itself, capturing the last of the sun’s warming rays. It was but two secs – as we startled each other, I flinched and it bounded into the molasses grass. No camera in sight, but I captured it on paper.


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