Children in the Australian Bush

IMG_8802Bush Playground

The children are running across the riverbed, kicking and flicking sand in their wake. Their squeals and screams echo down the corridor of the dry creek embankments.

The sound of children playing in the Australian Bush overrides the chorus of birds and reptiles all flying, slithering or crawling away from their delightful innocent sounds.

Watermelon Time

‘Time to cut up the watermelon,’ one child yells out – not sure which one of the 12 kids. It’s just like Pavlov’s dog, with the mere mention of ‘watermelon’ and they all come running.

Wearing his battered Akubra, my brother is on watermelon duty. The rich red flesh is a contrast against the parched earthy tones which surround us. Juice is dribbling down their arms, children are gabbling and laughing after throwing frizbees and running up and down the sandy bed playing tiggy.

Aussie Bush as Backdrop

They don’t notice the majestic paperbarks, ironbark, poplar gums and other eucalypts

as a backdrop; or the sculptured river bank, or parts of the floor bed like cracked tiles forming their playground’s enclosure. How lucky to have this open space to run, play and hide, right at their backyard, in the Aussie bush.

City Cousins & Country Cousins

The city cousins recently visited their country cousins. No technology was allowed out here in the bush. Games were simple, using a dry creek bed and later back at the house, they tucked into a barbecue dinner and marshmallows around a campfire. They had the best time ever in nature’s backyard. Many wonderful memories were made and many cousinly friendships continue, until they reunite for their next adventure.

8 thoughts on “Children in the Australian Bush

    • Yes we did. Kids have so much energy. I just love that they could experience this simple play activity. The gorgeous thing is the girls saw themselves on the internet and they want to share some more of their adventures, even my brother is keen.Thank you for having me.


  1. Lovely post Maria. I was (and still am) a city kid and we’d visit country cousins all the time when we were young. We loved it. I have fantastic memories of those times. In my generation we had quite an extended family but now we don’t. No more cousins in the country. Maybe 3rd or 4th cousins. I’d love to kids to have more exposure to other parts of our great country on a more regular basis. Thanks for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays.

    Anne xx

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