What’s So Special About This Distillery?

It’s a distillery with a difference. The Mt Uncle Rum Distillery is another place worth a visit if you enjoy liqueurs or spirits crafted from local ingredients. Even if you’re not into distilleries, this one is another special find for visitors.

When you step into their boutique cellar, you are also transported back into history. On walls, on the floor, on ledges are historical treasures which extend conversations long after you’ve left.

However, if you came because you appreciate what a distillery typically has to offer, then take a seat and start the ‘tastings’, available at various prices. My brother and his wife were impressed and fascinated with the selection. They contentedly sipped the six products on offer; alternating with water to cleanse the palate. It was lovely to see them having some ‘them’ time, while their brood of four girls and I admired the creative merchandise with lots of sparkles.

As an aside, look above my brother and his wife’s heads (pic below). That is a full-on old-time mesh and barbed-wire cover for the hanging light, measuring about 1.2m x 800m. Very innovative and seriously spiky!


However, what intrigued me most, was that the historical pieces have been lovingly restored. Their presence allows me to believe that in displaying these authentic pieces, it sums up their philosophy of producing an authentic product. Their space reflects their passion for history, for a quality product and their sales products exudes spunkiness; which captivated my nieces. Hence, there was a lot of ‘ooing and aahing’ as they pointed and exclaimed. So well done to the merchandiser!

For me the historical pieces were outstanding. These are the treasures I discovered inside, dotted on walls, ledges and positioned on the floor. This display of  historical memorabilia was like walking into a mini museum. Big thumbs up to the museum pieces organiser!

It is known as North Queensland’s first and only distillery. Positioned at the foothills of Mount Uncle, it is set among Australia’s bush landscape. The property has been in the same family for some 35 years where it has evolved from grazing cattle to a distillery over this time. Along the walls, leading to the distillery viewing area is a photographic history of their achievements over this period.

If you ‘re traveling through the Atherton Tablelands, put it on your list of places to visit. The distillery has not only produced award winning premium liqueurs and spirits, but it has created an intimate earthy setting and well worth your time.


10 thoughts on “What’s So Special About This Distillery?

  1. Looks like such a fun place to visit, Maria! That mesh hanging is very cool. I just wouldn’t want to be right under it…LOL! Love the historical pieces too. Can you imagine the stories ?

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    • Thank you Grace. Totally amazing. The kids could not believe what the historical pieces were used for. Also to think that milk was carted in a milk can. The mesh and barbed wire light above your head. It was secured extremely well. I triple checked…lol.


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