Traditional Lamington vs Almington

I unveil my version of a new look-taste lamington – The Almington. The differences are, it has been dipped in real melted chocolate, then coated in almond slithers. The result is a nuttier, higher in protein, chocolatier sponge cube. I used almond slithers (protein) instead of coconut. I opted for the smooth, melted Palaistowe chocolate instead of cocoa powder. Here started my experiment. After a few failed, messy, finger-licking, chocolatey, spongey attempts, I became more convinced it would work because it was so deliriously delicious. The sponge cake coated in a fine melted chocolate and layered with slithers of almonds is worth a try. This recipe is prepare and eat, so the almonds remain at their crunchy best. The Almingtons don’t refrigerate well, as the almond slithers will soften. As for freezing, it hasn’t lasted long enough to make it into the freezer.

FullSizeRender 4


  • slab sponge cake
  • Palaistowe chocolate
  • almond slithers
  • 1/2 cup water


  1. Cut sponge cake into squares. (Use 4 squares for 6 squares chocolate)
  2. Add 1/4 cup hot water to 6 squares of chocolate (add more hot water – medium runny consistency).
  3. Place chocolate and hot water in microwave (on high) for 10-15secs at a time. Stir between each until melted. (Approx 30secs may be needed).
  4. Fork one square sponge – dip each side in melted chocolate.
  5. Place onto almond slithers and turn until each side coated. (messiest and fiddliest part)
  6. Sit on plate until ready to serve. It can be fridge for a short time only.

Steps of the Process




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