Petals & Pinecones – Creative Café

Wow! This place is an understatement! I love discovering niche places that immerse you in amazing and unique Cafe experiences. The colours, the tones and the textures are delightfully daring. The razzmatazz red velvets with gold guilding, the emerald green velvets with mahogany timber finishes, and the soft hues of colours are themes for various dining nooks. I even love the name ‘Petals and Pinecones’ — so cute.

It has a trove of eclectic furniture and table settings — from Queen Anne arm chairs, royal sofas, old-style pastel slatted timbers to backdrops of posters and floral arrangements.



Select a space which makes your heart race. Pass the time, watch the world slide by, indulge in the ambience. One set of nieces visited recently spying the Creation Jars which the girls said were delicious, delectable, delightful and daring. They had Malteser Madness, Pavlova Perfection, Choc Mint, Fairytale and Unicorn.

The next photo was meant to be a still shot but somehow they ended up being a one second movie. Of course I didn’t realise until we got home from our fabulous outing, but I inserted it for the wonderful memories and you how I like a good cuppa.

While we waited for our Creations we played ladies sampling  the myriad elegant chairs fit for Queens the kids said.


We enjoyed the homemade delicacies and desserts. We enjoyed the selection of tasty snacks, homemade cakes and cute cups with our pot of hot tea. We chose the hazelnut cake and macadamia cheese cake.



Now that it is fully air-conditioned, this place will really rock with its quaint historical furniture and cosy little nooks for cafe goers.

Even this 100 year old china cabinet with its stain glass is unique in its beauty. The curves and lead lighting a delicately intriguing.


The chairs are the attraction — their curves, their architecture, their handmade techniques which have lasted for decades and there for all to enjoy. More comfortable than we expected and more visual than anticipated.


There is also a display of historical artefacts which sit proudly on shelves of a time gone by.

This place is so vibrant with enthusiasm. It glistens and sparkles with gifts galore and places to sit. The girls found soaps for their draws, enticely drawn towards their alluring colour and scents.


When you walk into this giant warehouse, one half has been transformed into a Creative Cafe/Coffee Lounge, while the other half has an elegantly designed feasting table with unique gift lines.


Aside from needing a cute gift, a bite and a cuppa, Petals and Pinecones – Coffee & Creativity is the go to place on the Atherton Tablelands, Atherton. Their Facebook page has some great photos of their food and drink creativity.

26 thoughts on “Petals & Pinecones – Creative Café

  1. I want that furniture in my house! It looks warm, cosy and comfortable. What a character filled cafe. If I’m ever in that direction, I’ll definitely search for this place!

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  2. Oh Maria,
    My kind of place. I haven’t had breakfast yet and these photos are almost making me feel full … but also craving cake and sundaes for breakfast. Oops.

    SSG xxx

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  3. Gosh those drinks are a meal in themselves aren’t they? There is a cafe near where we live which serves them. That place in itself looks very interesting. You could browse there for ages! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 4/52 Denyse

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  4. Oh wow, it all looks amazing. The place in particular! We have some quirky places popping up but an early one (that sadly closed) was a favourite. They had a lot of reclaimed bits and pieces and a very eclectic mix of stuff. It’s food wasn’t quite as nice as other places – which I think was their downfall – but this looks great!

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  5. That looks so charming! We have a similar cafe near us with lots of reclaimed furniture including sewing machines, window frames and chairs. Takes you to a different place amongst the hustle and bustle.

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  6. If it wasn’t for the fact they would be so far away, I half wish my parents still lived in Atherton so I could visit them, and that cafe!! What a cute little spot, with yummy looking food.

    I guess I’ll just have to settle for Mum & Dad being 2 hours away instead of about 40!

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