Any Excuse For A Family BBQ

Roll out the BBQ! Listen to the sizzle and chatter. It’s like music. It can be heard for miles; a symphony of 25 voices. It includes, of course, the kids playing, laughing and running around the yard, while a couple of adults cook and the other adults look on, admire and cheer on their culinary skills. All done in the great outdoors.

Family Get Togethers – A Religion

Getting together as a family is like a religion. Waiting for that once-a-year occasion is not enough for us. Someone just has to say, ‘time we got together’ and before you know it, there’s a BBQ organised. Any excuse: birthdays, send offs or I’m in town for the school holidays. The food tastes amazing on a BBQ.  This time, the BBQ sizzles  with homegrown fried eggs, grilled tomatoes and eggplant. Along with, grilled bacon and mushrooms. The way it works for us is that everyone brings something; very cost effective.

Time for A Family Social Catch Up

The big people and the cousins especially love catching up. We may not have seen or heard from each other for a week, a fortnight or a month, but it always feels like only yesterday when we just got together.

Being There For The Kids 

With the kids growing up so quickly, having that wonderful rapport with the kids is paramount as they navigate their way in the world. It’s vital that aunties and uncles grow up with the kids. Developing relationships can work wonders for our young munchins, especially if they have ‘a weight on their tiny shoulders’, which needs lifting. We, the oldies, have been there, done that, bought the tee-shirt and made our mistakes along the way. Sure, kids need to learn from their mistakes, but guidance goes a long way towards really detrimental faux pas.

Importance of Social Gatherings

Our young people today, sometimes just need a good social family get-together to realise that talking and playing in the same space does them the world of good. For that matter, it does us wiser ones the world of good also. Just to enjoy each other’s company and let the world slide by is like breathing. The good old-fashioned timeless BBQ could be thought of as the most social piece of equipment in a backyard. Long live the social BBQ! May your reign continue.

Almost Forgot the Second Course – The Family Dessert

With any food, we partake, dessert is always on the menu. Hence, my mother was in her culinary element. This time it involved a family favourite, the boiled chocolate cake, with the ritual of melting chocolate and cream over a double saucepan. Plus she made custard cream  puffs with melted chocolate. I did help. I did the admiring of her artistic work. Of course I also sampled. Enjoy! We did!



21 thoughts on “Any Excuse For A Family BBQ

  1. I love this and how your family gets together. Sadly this does not occur for us any more. Distance and changes in family dynamics are part of the reason. Thank you for adding your post to the link up. Denyse #lifethisweek

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    • We aim to do it once a term. I travel down during school holidays, 4 hours to Townsville and have a week or so with mum and dad, 75 and 85. It can be hard sometimes, but when it happens 3-4 times a year we cherish the time together, more so than more frequently.


  2. We have Wednesday night family dinners, we rotate between my house, my sister’s and my Mum’s. We have so many great memories that hopefully our kids will remember for years to come.

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  3. I love BBQs, there is no better way to catch up with friends and family (and food always tastes better cooked on the barbie!). We really need to get a new BBQ, ours has had it, although she lived a good long life (I got it for Dave for Christmas over 12 years ago!), time to start saving for one big enough to feed our whole family!

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    • You’re right family and BBQs go hand in hand. I love them also because the boys usually like to cook. How good is that — 12 years for a BBQ to last. Yes it sure tastes better. It’s the simple enjoyments in life that I love.


    • Thank you. I love good homecooked food, and BBQ just taste delish, especially when my brothers cook. Yes the eggplant is to die for. Tastes different to the cold stored ones. Always nice to catch up with you too. Maria xox


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